Advanced technology solution

for processing spatial data

What is Spatix

Spatix is a simple CAD software to make your drafts in 3D space.

It has a number of powerful tools to create and edit vector geometry.

Using Spatix you can manage your spatial data easily and intuitively.

Spatix is also a platform for CAD applications development.
You may extend Spatix features by developing your own applications on top of it.

Spatix and Terrasolid applications

Terrasolid is the world leader in the development of software for LIDAR data processing. Before 2020 Terrasolid applications were running only on top of CAD software packages developed by Bentley Systems. But technology does not stand still. Terrasolid has chosen Spatix as a new platform and ported their main applications to run on Spatix to increase productivity and functionality.

LIDAR professionals can now process their data without additional expenses.

Spatix key features


64-bit windows


Stereo mode support


Own vector file format


Ready for huge datasets


Small footprint


API for developers


Attach rasters and basemaps


Convert 3rd party formats


Frequent releases

Frequently asked questions

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